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£2250 + £600
  • (Price +£600 Non Refundable Deposit)
4 weeks

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Tattoo Academy Scotland is your gateway to a professional tattooing career. Our course focuses on Practice Skin, providing the essential foundation for your journey. Talent is developed throug hard work and determination, and we are here to guide you.

With the help of industry best practices, we have created a curriculum that offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Our course span five weeks, conducted four days a week, with an emphasis on developing tattoo-appropriate designs, exploring colour techniques, understanding needle varieties, and delving into the intricacies of tattoo apparatus. Throughout the course students will receive comprehensive handouts offering valuable insights into tattooing, the industry as a whole, and the equipment required.

All practical tattooing on human skin is conducted within one of our licensed tattoo studios ensuring a real-world, professional environment for students to apply their newfound skills. With a commitment to excellence, Tattoo Academy Scotland stands as a testament to dedication, quality education and industry expertise.

Our tattoo courses cater to both beginners and experienced tattooists, offering a refreshing course for those looking to enhance their skills and reaffirm their commitment to the art of tattooing.

this course includes :

  • Professional wireless tattoo machine.
  • All the necessary materials to carry out the practices within the academy.
  • Practices in synthetic skin.
  • Real practices in people.
  • Tattoo infection control level 2 (VTQ) certificate, from the accredited PRO TRAININGS.UK

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This course includes :