TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 80%

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Up to 5 Hours Numbed!

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TKTX numbing creams have slightly different percentage of numbing agents. Different colour mixtures are different. Therefore, even if the combination of active ingredients is almost identical and strong, the actual cream composition will vary. Since not everyone has the same skin and your body has different characteristics, TKTX offers consumers different absorption characteristics and distinguishes them by colours.

Tubes are 10g

Numbs in 60 minutes 

Up to 5 Hours Numbness skin

External use only!

Please ensure a patch test is completed 24 hours prior to use.

It is your responsibility to tell your artist or practitioner that you are using this cream.

Do not use a second cream in conjunction with this cream as it will counteract the effects

No expiry date

Store in a cool dry place

Keep the lid tight once opened – if its not tight enough it can dry out and won’t work.

(if any of the above is not followed, or if your artist or practitioner cancels your appointment as a result of this – we are not liable for any losses incurred)

*tattooing & body piercing
*body waxing & bikini waxing
*laser hair removal
*cosmetic tattooing
*Micro needle pain,body piercing,laser tattoo removal,laser hair removal,waxing,permanent cosmetics,IPL treatment,electrocautery and so on.


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