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2 weeks

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Tattoo Academy Scotland is the definitive starting point for aspiring professional tattoo artists. Our thoroughly crafted course, which is focused on practising skills on actual skin, is the first step toward a lucrative tattooing career. Drawing from our extensive participation in prestigious Tattoo Academies across Europe, we are strong proponents of the idea that skill is developed via discipline and perseverance rather than natural aptitude.

Our program offers an immersive exploration of the tattooing world, affording students hands-on experience essential for their journey in the industry. The beginner course caters to those new to tattooing, encompassing essential topics such as workstation preparation, material knowledge, hygiene, and client safety. We emphasise mastering the fundamentals, including line work, shading, and packing techniques, forming the bedrock of tattooing proficiency.

Our curriculum extends beyond the basics. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of tattoo machines, learning to dismantle and reassemble them. This insight into machine operation is perfected on simulated skin before progressing to live tattoos.


  • Professional Wireless Tattoo Machine
  • Comprehensive Practice Materials
  • Synthetic Skin Practice
  • Real Human Practices
  • Tattoo Infection Control Level 2 (VTQ) Certification 

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